Forward Progression Coaching with Coach Kristin

Unchain and Reclaim

4 week private coaching breakthrough program

One month to learn how to build a bulletproof self to thrive in relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and with YOURSELF! My signature 4-step process will teach you the tools and give you the knowledge, that will allow you to breakthrough and HEAL.

The time to Unchain and Reclaim is NOW!

I remember when I began my journey to healing and recovery in 2020, I struggled with finding a path that would allow me to embrace myself with the self-compassion and self-love that was imperative for me to breakthrough my addiction, and into healing.
So, I created one that encompasses diverse healing modalities, incorporated with scientifically-proven psychology methods in order to provide you with the breakthrough, knowledge and healing that you DESERVE.
This is the art of learning self-compassion & the psychology behind the healing and recovery process.
Here is the 4-step framework: 
Phase 1: Changing the stories that you’ve told yourself: Learn how to change your old stories and patterns, resulting in new, indisputable, unstoppable beliefs about yourself. YOU have the power to change the stories, and unlearn old patterns.
Phase 2: Developing an optimistic outlook for the future: Build on your skills to develop solid goals, as well as curate the desire to accomplish them. Learning about the difference between internal and external motivation, and how we can use consistency and commitment to super-charge the attainment of our goals.
Phase 3: Mastering the art of self-compassion: When we have a strong sense of self, combined with compassion and empathy, we become the most resilient versions of ourselves. You will learn how to determine your focus, and how to define what is within your control, what requires boundaries, and what you are no longer available for. This method teaches you how to be laser-focused on your ability to be unshakeable, rooted and solid in your commitments and goals.
Phase 4: Psychology Behind The Framework: Understand the fundamentals of how we create new beliefs, which result in changed behavior. Changed behavior is how we build new habits and ultimately breakthrough what is holding us down and keeping us stuck in our lives.
Additionally, you will learn: 
Clear Values and Goals: Identify your values in order to create goals that align you with your values. The magic of transformation is available to you when you begin to set this practice into motion.
Roadblocks and Obstacles: Master the skills that increase your emotional resiliency. How we manage roadblocks and obstacles is congruent to our ability to stand back up, maintain motivation, and to keep stepping forward, regardless of what is happening around us. 
You will walk away with mastering the skills that it takes to set boundaries, develop self-worth and let go of your past, resulting in realizing the fulfilling relationships that you have always desired… most importantly, with yourself. 
This program is for you if you struggle to let go of your past, and have anxiety about the future. You desire to stretch outside of your comfort zone, and into the ideal version of yourself, and are unsure where to begin.
Establish boundaries, create new beliefs, unlearn old stories, and achieve your goals with this program.
Here are the details: